These foods Do not eat during a fever.

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If we know that when you have a fever, what should you not eat? We will be able to choose to eat food appropriately. And may help relieve fever quickly. The foods that should be avoided when you have a fever are usually heavy meals that are difficult to digest. Foods that are high in fat or sugar or foods that can cause dehydration, such as alcohol or beverages containing caffeine.

When having a fever,  there is often a headache, body heat, body aches, discomfort, and may cause symptoms of not wanting to eat as well. But even if you don’t feel like eating anything, people with a fever should not fast and should choose Eat properly Because the body needs to receive complete and sufficient nutrients to help restore the body and fight illness.

Many people may have wondered what they shouldn’t eat when they have a fever. ยูฟ่าเบท will take a look at 5 foods that should be avoided when you have a fever. This may delay the recovery of the fever or may cause the fever to become more severe. To help you choose to eat food appropriately as follows:

When we have a high fever:  Do not eat spicy, sour, and oily food. High fever caused by the fire element. Causes the body to have more heat than normal. Therefore, eating food that is spicy, sour, and oily will increase heat in the body. Therefore, you should eat foods that have a cooling effect or lots of water, such as cucumbers, watermelons, squash, bitter gourd, etc.

When we have a cough and sore throat: If you eat fried food Oily food and cold water It will stimulate more symptoms. Coughing removes foreign objects stuck or blocking the bronchial tubes and lungs from the body. Therefore, eating fried food or oily food will result in constant irritation of the bronchial tubes. In addition, food that has a very sweet taste Dried or powdered snacks or fruits irritate the bronchial tubes all the time. And the cold water will stimulate the bronchial tubes to contract. causing more coughing.

When we have bloating and bloating: Do not eat cold, bitter or astringent food. Especially eating fresh vegetables and fruits that have a cooling effect, such as cabbage, gourd, Yanang leaves. And Andrographis paniculata, because eating in excessive amounts. Will cause bloating and bloating. If we eat herbs or vegetables that are hot, they can help. With ventilation, such as ginger, basil, black pepper, etc. You may also drink lemon water. Because the acid in lemon juice stimulates the digestive system.

When we have gastritis: Stomach ulcer or poor digestion system. You should avoid spicy foods, fried-fat foods, chocolate, pickled foods, raw vegetables, and citrus fruits. And alcoholic beverages, strong tea, and coffee because food is a trigger for gastritis to worsen. It is recommended to eat several small meals. Eat food on time, cooked, clean, and soft food that is easy to digest.

Do not eat bamboo shoots:  Bamboo shoots are a slang food. Especially people with bone and joint diseases Because bamboo shoots are high in purines. It is a prototype substance for the production of uric acid. Which if there is too much It accumulates in various joints of the body, resulting in gout in people with risk factors.