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Certain foods can help relieve a sore throat.

Certain foods can help relieve a sore throat. Sore throat, no fever It is a sore throat, itchy throat, or burning throat but is not accompanied by a fever. Although most sore throats occur along with a fever, But a sore throat that isn’t accompanied

Chills What is the cause, How do you take care of yourself?

Chills It is a common symptom in people who are having a fever. Patients often have other symptoms along with this symptom, such as goosebumps or jaw tremors. However, chills may also be seen in people suffering from other diseases or abnormalities as well.  Tremor

These foods Do not eat during a fever.

If we know that when you have a fever, what should you not eat? We will be able to choose to eat food appropriately. And may help relieve fever quickly. The foods that should be avoided when you have a fever are usually heavy meals