Josep Guardiola humbled when he was hailed as a key aspect of the season.

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola was humbled when he was hailed as a key aspect of the 2022-23 season. As they helped the football team attempt the treble, telling him it was just a small cog. The success that is achieved comes from the unity of all parties in the organization.

City are on the brink of winning the league just by beating Chelsea (May 21) or cursing Arsenal. The runner-up who played 24 hours before them. 

After that, there is also the FA Cup Final (June 3). And the Champions League final to win 3 major titles in one season since Manchester United succeeded in 1999 UFABET

Many voices flattered Josep Guardiola the 52-carat manager, but he was not indifferent. Said that having a chance to win a triple championship is the result of everyone’s cooperation. 

He told Sky Sports.

“As a manager, I feel like I am part of something else.”

“I never thought that all of this happened because of us alone. I’m just a part is not denying is another backlash. But without the great work of the sports director or the executive board Really. The players are the most important thing.” 

“I am just a component of it. And I’m very proud to come back to this point again. Where everything is determined by our own hands

“Again, I am only part of it. In the past, there was not a single head of withered garlic when losing in the semifinals or the final of the CPL. I did not feel that it was the responsibility of just one person.

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