How to choose the best and most cost-effective sunglasses.

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Wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from UV rays in the sun, which can damage your eyes. Sunglasses on sale today come in many styles and differ in their effectiveness in protecting the eyes. Choosing quality sunglasses is important to protect your eyes from the sun every day.

UV  or ultraviolet rays is a form of energy that cannot be seen with the nake eye. The main source is sunlight. UV rays are divid into 3 types. UVC rays are absorb by ozone in the atmosphere and cannot pass through to the earth. Therefore, only UVA and UVB rays can reach the earth’s surface and affect the skin and eyes.

Choosing sunglasses, besides choosing from their beautiful external appearance. looks cool, looks chic, and is extremely pleasing. One important thing that should be take into account is quality and sun protection efficiency. To protect your eyes from harmful rays. There are methods for choosing as follows: 

Of course, when buying sunglasses, you must consider good standards and quality. First, it is UFABET recommend to choose from a store that has reliable standards. Good sunglasses may not always require expensive glasses.

Choose sunglasses that can block 100% of UV rays by choosing sunglasses labeled UV 400, which means lenses that can block rays with a wavelength up to 400 nanometers. This value means the ability to block UV rays. Damage to healthy skin and eyes 

The best sunglasses These are glasses that have a shape that fits the face. It is recommend to choose sunglasses with large lenses or those that fit snugly around the eyes and face. To protect the skin around the eyes from sunlight that shines in on all sides. Because the skin around the eyes is delicate. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause irritation, sunburn, and weakening of the muscles around the eyes.

Choosing glasses to suit your face A general rule is to choose glasses that complement your face shape. For example, if your face is round, Choose square-shap glasses. If your face is long, you should not wear glasses that are higher than your eyebrows. Because it will make your face look longer. For square faces Suitable for round, oval, or cat-eye glasses, etc.  

For those who like to exercise or play outdoor sports. Choose sunglasses specifically for sports, such as sunglasses that are worn around the head. For conciseness Prevents falling off. While playing sports and can protect from UV light throughout the duration of being outdoors.  

The intensity of the lenses does not indicate the amount of UV protection. They generally have the same amount. You should just choose the one that suits your use. For example, if you are outdoors for a long time or in strong sunlight. You should choose a dark color to help make it easier on the eyes. Or if you are in the shade or in a sunny place. You can choose to wear lighter colored sunglasses. For eye comfort and help in seeing better as well.